Independent and Corporate Banner Management Systems

Location Management

    1. One stop module to manage all types of locations for a busy banner group
      • Store Maintenance
      • Regional Offices
      • National Offices
      • Wholelsale Warehouses
      • Manufacturers
      • Corporate Buying Groups
    2. Sophisticate Contact Management that can cross all location types
    3. Intuitive search to help quick find specific information across all location types
    4. Integration to Enterprise Company Portal

Central Customer Mangement

    • Part of the Smartbanner E-Commerce solutions
    • Supports Store and National Customer IDs
    • Integrates with Enterprise Loyalty system

Central Item Management

    • Top Down Item Management with Felxible overrides
    • Category Management
    • Planogram Management
    • Groups and Assemblies
    • Seasonal Item Managemnt
    • Multi Region, ¬†Multi Zone and Multi Banner Support

Calendar Based Promotional System

  • Quickly build upcoming promotions for the upcoming year
  • Support for Paper Flyers and Online Sales
  • Push Directly to Store POS Systems
  • Integrated Ordering Direct to Wholesales
  • Sophisticated Analytics via the Business Intelligence Systems
  • Integration to Support Centralized Vendor Claimbacks

Seasonal Booking Module

    • Supports Unlimited Virtual Ordering Periods
    • Proposals support multiple shipdates within one ordering event.
    • Integrated paperless system to supply vendor information and product sheets
    • Integrated Ordering Direct to Wholesales and Direct Manufacturers
    • Intgrations to run a physical Buying show with real time ordering before, ¬†during and after the show is active.